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Specified criteria to prevent the risk of radiation emitted from mobile towers



Specified criteria to prevent the risk of radiation emitted from mobile towers

Specified criteria to prevent the risk of radiation emitted from mobile towers

The government has developed standards to reduce the risk of radiation emitted from mobile towers. Keeping in view the health and safety of the people, the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal (TAN) has recently issued regulations in 2076 BS regarding the safety of the public and workers from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) generated from mobile towers.

The regulations passed by the board on December 3 have just been made public by the NEA. Along with this, the telecommunication service providers who install and operate mobile towers now have to make arrangements to emit electromagnetic radiation only as prescribed.

According to the regulations, different criteria have been set for the general public and business people working in the tower. It has been mentioned that the criteria for such radiation emission should also vary according to the radio frequency range.

According to the regulations, the electric field strength at the level of 10 to 400 MHz should be 28 volts per meter for the base station of the mobile. Magnetic field strength should be 0.073 ampli per meter and power density should be 2 watts per meter square.

Similarly, 400 to 2000 MHz, 2 to 300 GHz electric field strength, magnetic field strength and power density are different for normal people and workers. There is a provision to do.

Employees will now be required to provide safety equipment and measures to employees working at the base station of the telephone tower. NEA has also brought various safety measures and criteria to be adopted while entering the accident zone.

Provision has been made to ensure that the non-ionizing radiation risk is not made public while the service provider connects and operates the cellular mobile base station using radio frequency in the tower. It has been mentioned that arrangements should be made around the tower without public access and the criteria set by the ITU should be met.

Service providers are required to put up warning signs and labeling with information on the potential risks of emf exposure to the radio system connected to the tower and how to mitigate such risks. Among such signs, RF yellow direction sign, information sign, warning sign, warning sign and 4 types of sign should be used in the tower.

And that is the end of the topic: Specified criteria to prevent the risk of radiation emitted from mobile towers

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Update of Internet service to 5G(NTC)



Last year MoCIT had directed Nepal Telecom to include 4 cities for a 5G trail in its 4G deal. We suppose they already made a provision on the 5G part being in line with the directives from MoCIT.  Finally, Nepal Telecom is starting a Feasibility study of 5G Technology in Big cities of Nepal soon. Telecom will test this super-fast network in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar & Birgunj in the first phase.

Although people have started speculating the 5G network in Nepal, it seems to be a very early stage as the regular NTA had no preparations for assigning the 5G spectrum band, one of the key requirements to roll out 5G. There are beliefs that Nepal cannot afford 5G for now due to the huge investment. Similarly, some people opine that the country is not ready for 5G due to the limitation of its uses. Some even go further to say Nepal does not 5G at all for 5 years. But as people blame telecom companies to bring 4G late here in Nepal, it is high time that we start discussing 5G. The time has come for the whole telecom industry in Nepal including telecom companies, vendors and the regulator prepare well in advance for the 5G network, including the allocation of 5G spectrum band.
In the present time, many mobile phones are launch with the support feature of the fastest internet service which is 5G in Nepal also. So, to use the feature of 5G Nepal telecom bring the 5G service in it. At first, it tries in 4 cities then it boosts its service all the cities of Nepal.

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Telecom has introduced Forge WiFi, which can be used for up to Rs 11 per GB



Nepal Telecom, a state-owned telecommunications company, has launched Forge Wireless Home Broadband service. The company has launched Forge Wireless Home Broadband service on Thursday as Forge WiFi on the occasion of its 17th anniversary.

The service has been brought across the country, said Dilliram Adhikari, managing director of the company. Forge customers across the country who do not have the company’s FTTH and ADSL services and use a lot of data via wireless will be able to use this service. Forge wireless home broadband can be used at cheap rates through this service using CPE (Customer Premises Equipment).

Currently, the service is available at Rs 900 per month for 60 GB, Rs 1,500 for 120 GB and Rs 9,600 for 720 GB and Rs 16,000 for 1440 GB. It costs Rs 11.11 per GB of data for a package of Rs 16,000.

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Free mobile data for everyone to use the Citizen app



The mobile data that will be spent while using the citizen app made public by the government as a test will be free. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has taken forward the necessary process to provide the required data for the app free of cost.

The ministry has also formed a separate committee to take necessary initiatives for free mobile data. Ministry sources have informed that the details of the server have also been provided to Nepal Telecom for this.

Also, as Ncell’s system has already been integrated in the citizen app, there is no technical problem in making the data free. Discussions have also moved forward with the service providers to make arrangements for no charge for mobile data while running the citizen app.

If this feature is started, the mobile data required to use the services available in the citizen app will be available free of cost. However, to download the app, you have to go to Google and Apple’s system, so it will be charged.

A source close to the ministry told Tekpana that there was no charge for running the app after it was downloaded, although it was not immediately clear when it would be launched.

Nepal Telecom has already started the necessary homework for this. After completing the technical preparations, the telco is expected to provide free data for the citizen app by next week.

Ncell has responded that data for the app can only be made available for free for a certain month. Due to which, the discussions with Ncell have not reached a conclusion yet, said a ministry source.

The third-largest mobile service provider, Smart Cell, has not commented on the issue. Smart Telecom, which has not been able to join the citizen app, has not been given priority due to its small number of users.

Such an effort has been taken forward with the objective of establishing easy access of all citizens to the Citizen app. However, Nepal Telecom does not charge data on mobiles when using government websites connected to

But now for government apps, the company has been charging data at a regular rate. The government aims to provide all possible government services through this app.

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Update of Internet service to 5G(NTC)

Last year MoCIT had directed Nepal Telecom to include 4 cities for a 5G trail in its 4G deal. We suppose...