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Four Things You Should Know About Malware (Including Tips to Avoid It)



Four Things You Should Know About Malware (Including Tips to Avoid It)

Four Things You Should Know About Malware (Including Tips to Avoid It)

You know there are many types of malware that can be injected into a variety of computers and leak your important information. Today we are going to tell you about four types of malware that you need to know.


Ransomware is a small computer virus. It encrypts all the files of the infected machine. Once the data in it is encrypted, the computer becomes completely useless. Because any data stored in it cannot be accessed.

If ransomware has compromised your computer, you may see a message on the screen offering to release the decryption key. That key unlocks all files. But to get that key, you have to pay ransom in Bitcoin.

Paying ransom is not the right move. Because there is no guarantee that the hacker will release the key to decryption. Always keep a backup of your files instead. Restoring your own data is a much better and more reliable way than trusting criminals.


The word Trojan is derived from the Greek myth Trojan horse. This is a kind of malware. It chisels the affected computer. But once it is installed, nothing bad happens until it is activated.

Like soldiers hiding on a wooden horse, Trojans sniff at the plants behind your defense and launch attacks from within. This malware can erase or damage your data. It also acts as a simple open door for hackers to gain access to the affected computer.

This is a very popular way to connect computers to botnets. It also launches Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDOS) and steals data directly.


Modern password protection systems are very effective. Most passwords are heavily encrypted if a hacker breaks the network and steals the database. So it cannot be used. Spyware is created to deal with these encryptions.

Once the malware is installed on the device, it collects all kinds of information and logins, including the website you visited. It remembers every letter you press on the keyboard. It then sends all the information to the spyware that the criminal is controlling.

Hackers can collect all your information and even read your password. It can also break your online account.

And that is the end of the topic: Four Things You Should Know About Malware (Including Tips to Avoid It)

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Cyber ​​security

How strong or weak your password? Check it out like this



How strong or weak your password? Check it out like this

How strong or weak is your password? Check it out like this

Of course, you may have many accounts online. You may have different passwords for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mobile Wallet, Internet Banking, Gmail and other accounts.

You may think that the password in those accounts is very strong, which no one can hack. But have you ever checked, how strong are the passwords you use in your online account?

If you haven’t checked yet, today we are going to tell you about some of the tools that you can use to know how secure and strong your password is.

Generally, a length of 10 characters is considered sufficient for a strong password. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that the longer the password, the harder it is for the hacker to crack. So don’t be ashamed to have a 20 to 30 character password.

Another important thing is to change your password every three to four months, no matter how strong your password is.


Nord provides users with a free online password testing tool. With it, you can check if the password you have or are about to keep in your online accounts is strong.

As far as you know, if your password is strong, hackers will not be able to easily access your important and confidential data. It also allows you to create strong passwords.

It checks how strong any password is based on its length, uppercase-lowercase (uppercase and lowercase letters), symbols, numbers, etc.

It can even estimate how long a password can be cracked by a hacker. You do not need to download any software or apps to check your password strength here. You can check the password by visiting Nordpass’s website by clicking here. Click here if you want to create a strong password.

And that is the end of the topic: How strong or weak your password? Check it out like this

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Cyber ​​security

Cyber ​​attack on Fintech company from Python scripted Trojan malware



Cyber ​​attack on Fintech company from Python scripted Trojan malware

Cyber ​​attack on Fintech company from Python scripted Trojan malware

A group that has been attacking Fintech’s web system has developed new Trojan malware and started targeting European countries. Advance Persistent Threat (APT), a group called EvilNum in 2018, has deployed new Python scripted Trojan malware to attack fintech companies.

The hackers deployed the malware to steal email addresses, passwords and other sensitive corporate information from Fintech. The malicious code for injecting malware is included in the code of the statutory application.

The group has been targeting fintech companies in the UK and Europe in particular.

He is also targeting some countries in the United States and Australia. Evilnum is considered a successful proven group for such activities. The group is said to be successful as it continues to change its attacking tools and techniques.

Evilnum’s activity is not always the same. He wrote JavaScript and C

Now he has deployed another new tool for attack. This time he has used Python Script Remote Access Trojan (RAT).

With the help of this Trojan malware, the attackers use ‘killing’ to steal important corporate information. Then take a screenshot of it. And collects all the information of the affected system.

Attackers can find out which Windows version of the computer is used, which antivirus product is installed and which USB devices are connected or not.

Earlier, the group used to attack targets with spare phishing emails.

Also read: Four types of malware you need to know (including avoidance tips)

And that is the end of the topic:Cyber ​​attack on Fintech company from Python scripted Trojan malware

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Cyber ​​security

‘Master Mind’ 17 year old teenager who shocked the world by hacking Twitter!



'Master Mind' 17 year old teenager who shocked the world by hacking Twitter!

‘Master Mind’ 17 year old teenager who shocked the world by hacking Twitter!

U.S. prosecutors on Saturday charged three people with involvement in a recent Twitter hacking case. The timetable of the hack has also been made public in a court document issued by the Ministry of Justice.

The document also details how US investigators tracked down the suspected hackers. According to court documents, the entire hacking activity started on May 3.

A teenage clerk from Tampa, Florida (who had been living in California) gained access to a portion of Twitter’s network on May 3.

But what happened between May 3 and July 15 is still unclear. However, Clark initially failed to gain access to the Twitter admin tool used to kill the account from a section of the network.

But on the second day of the Twitter hack, according to a report in the New York Times, Clerk initially had access to Twitter’s internal slack workspace, not Twitter.

New York Times reporters quoted a hacker community source as saying that the hacker had found the login details of a Twitter tech support tool. From there, he broke into a slack channel of the company.

On the day of the hack, a picture of the tool, which controls all Twitter accounts, was leaked online by Twitter employees. However, the login details of the tool were not enough to access the back end of Twitter.

According to Twitter’s blog post, Twitter’s administrative back-end is protected by two-factor authentication. How long it took the clerk to do all this work is still unclear.

But according to Twitter researchers, the hacker used a “phone spare phishing attack” to trick Twitter employees into accessing their accounts and break two-factor authentication.

All of this happened on July 15. It was the same day that the company that hacked Twitter made it public.

Immediately after that Kirk

OG Users Discard Channel is a special forum where hackers buy and sell social media accounts. Clerk Rolex through that channel

And that is the end of the topic: ‘Master Mind’ 17 year old teenager who shocked the world by hacking Twitter!

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