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About Afnotech, Information Technology website from Nepal is an Information Technology (IT) Navigator website from Nepal assisting and contributing in building the thriving startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Nepal while increasing digital literacy at the same time. Afnotech periodically publishes guidance on Information, Communications and Technologies (generally called ICT) usage in Nepalese perspectives.

The team behind the Afnotech makes a good compounding of young, energetic and willing-to-do persons. Most of us are Nepalis in and abroad the nation. Afnotech has been around since 2009 September 7. Started as a small website from a tourist city of Pokhara, we now have representatives throughout the major cities of the country and few abroad.

Team Afnotech
The enthusiastic Team Afnotech always aims to update the authentic information on the technology arena including Consumer appliances, Gadgets, Safety and Precautions, Programming and Guidance approach, Electronics and Communications. More of all, we seem like tending towards computer applications and web habits more. However, upon the constant support of visitors like you, Afnotech will be a success, covering all range, if not most, range of the field.

Here at, we try to update things as they happen on the tech world; hence the name Afnotech (meaning tech+sansar=technology+world). Search engines, corporate update sites, media houses, and other reporters are our main sources when delving with something new in the field. The author is genuine when expressing the tutorial or tips and tricks or something like totally better computing topics.

So, we work hard at to provide the best, effective and authentic tech and information updates of all the time.

Technology Used in Afnotech
Afnotech is built on HTML, PHP and styled with CSS (based on Semantic based WordPress CMS framework.) There should be no errors in the HTML or CSS, but feel free to let us know if you do find any. The website and its digital assets are hosted in the cloud powered by Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and DigitalOcean droplets; Semantic publishing by self-hosted WordPress.

Afnotech’s Accessibility
Afnotech treats accessibility for everybody regardless of disability, software or hardware respectfully. We have followed Standards compliance for HTML and CSS, navigation aids, links, on-screen titles wherever possible and support for on-screen readers at maximum possibilities. Should you experience any problem related to accessibility with this site, please let us know and we will try to fix it.

Afnotech publishes the contents via RSS feeds. Feed published contents may be available in part or full article. Users can use a news aggregator to keep track of updates to Afnotech by subscribing to the Afnotech Feeds from Feedburner.
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Gaming8 hours ago

Upcoming next-gen games 2021

The technologies are being evolved day by day, and just like any other technologies in the world the gaming technologies...

Gadgets8 hours ago

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically...

Gadgets13 hours ago

Asus ROG phone 3 with snapdragon 865+ soc

Gaming phones are huge these days. And with mobile gaming expected to grow even more, gaming smartphones will improve along...

Gadgets1 day ago

Update of Internet service to 5G(NTC)

Last year MoCIT had directed Nepal Telecom to include 4 cities for a 5G trail in its 4G deal. We suppose...

Social media2 days ago

Alia in Sahurukh’s ‘Darligs’

Hero Shah Rukh Khan and heroine Alia Bhatt had acted in the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’. The film did well at...

Telecom3 days ago

Telecom has introduced Forge WiFi, which can be used for up to Rs 11 per GB

Nepal Telecom, a state-owned telecommunications company, has launched Forge Wireless Home Broadband service. The company has launched Forge Wireless Home...

Telecom3 days ago

Free mobile data for everyone to use the Citizen app

The mobile data that will be spent while using the citizen app made public by the government as a test...

Technology4 days ago

Sales of Samsung’s ‘Galaxy S21’ series begin

Samsung Galaxy S21 Nepal has started selling Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra smartphones under the S series. Bold...

Technology4 days ago

Trump will never run Twitter again

Former US President Donald Trump will never be allowed to use Twitter again. According to Twitter’s chief financial officer, even...

How strong or weak your password? Check it out like this How strong or weak your password? Check it out like this
Cyber ​​security5 months ago

How strong or weak your password? Check it out like this

How strong or weak is your password? Check it out like this Of course, you may have many accounts online....